1969-78 CB750 Sandcast K0-K6, 550, etc.

Honda's single-overhead cam carburetors are easily the most often fiddled-with we see.


They're easy enough to remove that any number of previous "experts" have been inside them, which all too often resulted in the bike being abandoned. This isn't to knock the genuine mechanics out there, but rather to simply point out how easy it is to miss s step.


We regularly see needle clip settings that have been changed (virtually always for the poorer), incorrect--and non-uniform-- float heights, and ridiculously out of range main jets. (145? Are you serious?)


It's also rare to see a set that doesn't show at least a little red rust on the linkages and/or corrosion on the brass parts, even in instances where they're otherwise in perfect condition.

We solve the interior problems by breaking them down to the last screw and resetting to whatever the customer's demands might be: pod air cleaners, straight pipes, big-bore kit, or bone stock. Plus, we have a wide range of experience with non-stock setups to get your bike running correctly with as few final adjustments as possible at your end.


We've got slide needles, Keihin-branded factory original float valves and jets on hand, and we use only Viton bowl gakets and fuel joint orings.

As for rusted steel parts and discolored exterior brass parts, we take care of that permanently by sending them out to be professionally re-plated to OEM.


We go to all this extra effort to ensure that your carbs will not only run perfectly and virtually forever but will look this good one, five, or ten years from now.


The base price for the service level you see on this page is 695.00 plus return shipping to the continental US. This does NOT include new dust boots, which cost an additional 70 dollars for the set.


We have customers all over the world. Send me an email and I'll get back to you with the cost of return shipping wherever you are. 


To get the process started, simply download the Service request PDF on this page. 

Here's Where You'll Find Us:


1346 The Alameda Suite 7-80

San Jose CA 95126

Phone: 408-921-1735


Email: Jack@oldschoolcarbs.com

SERVICE REQUEST Click the PDF logo to the left or the link below to open a blank form to print, fill out, and include with your carbs.
OSC Service Request.pdf
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As of July 1 2014 we're 22+ carb sets into our relationship with Tim's with nary a complaint.


If there's anything you need for your CBX, Bill is the one to call. When Jay Leno needed parts overnighted Bill stepped up like the consummate pro he is.

Digital Pizza is where you'll find Pete Rose's genius at work.


Click on the logo for a 100-Point restoration not only of a CBX but other Honda Inline 4's.


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