VESSEL 6pc JIS Motorcycle Screwdriver kit

Made by VESSEL exclusively for OldSchoolCarbs


Now with COLOR CODED handles, avaliable only from us.


You can find similar kits elsewhere but only mine has a #2 and #3 Impacta!




(see below for more details)


81.00 plus 11.00 Priority 3-day Shipping

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These screwdrivers fit JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw heads
These screwdrivers have Magnetic Tips
These screwdrivers are manufactured using recycled resources





STOP damaging screws!

This set is outfitted with premium VESSEL brand drivers, a “must have” for anyone who's serious about restoring or repairing Japanese motorcycles.


VESSEL is building this kit exclusively for me so you can't find it elsewhere.



The included 980 model "Impacta" drivers are revolutionary tools that feature a

built-in impact driver mechanism.


Kit Includes:

  • -5.5 x 4" Cushioned Grip Slotted Screwdriver

  • -8 x 6"    Cushioned Grip Slotted Screwdriver

  • #P2 x 4" Cushioned Grip Cross Point Screwdriver

  • #P3 x 6" Cushioned Grip Cross Point Screwdriver

  • #P3 x 6" "Impacta" Cross Point Screwdriver 

  • #P2 x 4” "Impacta" Cross Point Screwdriver


980 Series



The proprietary Tang-Thru nut

incorporates a cam rotation

mechanism, which turns the

driving tip counter-clockwise

by 12°when the handle is hit

with a hard rubber mallet.


In all other regards you treat

it as a “regular” JIS driver.


With the slip-proof handle

you can apply plenty of

tightening torque even

if your hands are oily.



Impacta drivers come in two sizes. Other kits include a P3 but for mine we added a P2, which is specific to carburetors, master cylinder covers, etc.


These Impactas are the real deal guys. Over the years I've shelled out for every nifty driver to hit the market. Always on the hunt for the holy grail of screwdrivers, it takes a lot to impress me.


When I saw the Impacta I detected a winner and while I was duly skeptical at first, now they occupy prime real estate on the tool rack over my workbench.


Being in the industry we inevitably come across fasteners that even the

power impact driver won't budge.


We all know what a pain it is to get out the clunky old one that's been in the bottom drawer for umpteen years, and even then it won't reach into small spaces without jury rigging.


You restorers out there know exactly what I'm talking about.


I put my Impactas to some rigorous real-life testing and I'll stake my reputation that they're better at breaking loose frozen, gouged out, and hard to reach screws than anything you've ever tried.



The Phillips vs. JIS story:


The “Phillips Standard” was introduced to the US auto industry in 1940. They were specifically designed to “cam out” before over-tightening. This allowed for hiring less-skilled workers and other time and cost savings.


Japanese engineers preferred to address torque at the operator level rather than at the tool tip so they designed their own version, hence the advent of the “Japanese Industrial Standard.”


The problem ever since has been that while JIS fasteners have been the standard on Japanese bikes forever, precious few people ever heard of JIS let alone knew why regular phillips drivers kept destroying screw heads. I've seen show winning bikes with boogered screws here and there.


On close inspection of JIS fasteners you'll note three differences:

1) JIS screw heads are smaller than standard.

2) The dimple in the head is a “universal identifier” that directs operators to use JIS drivers or risk destroying both tool and fastener.

3) The cross recess is milled very slightly differently and with sharper edges.


JIS drivers take advantage of this for a tight fit that won't cam out.


Another cool thing is that whereas a standard phillips driver is supposed to cam out of a JIS screw and thus ruin it, JIS drivers are 100% compatible with BOTH standards.


In other words you can throw away your regular phillips drivers.


Vessel is Japan's oldest tool manufacturer and everything they send out is built to military specifications.


Extremely close tolerances and premium raw materials used in manufacturing result in a tool that will last virtually forever.


My personal guarantee is this:


If any driver that you purchased from me fails under normal use within the first year (keeping in mind that “normal” for Impactas means beating the dickens out of them), simply return it for a free replacement.


The price for the kit is 81.00 plus 11.00 priority 3-day shipping. Sinply visit my ebay page and hit buy-now.



Your drivers will be on the way inside of a couple of days and you'll get an automated tracking number in a confirmation email from PayPal.


Canada and overseas buyers: Contact me for rates. I get volume discounted rates through US Postal Priority International.





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